Rook Piercing – my experience

Following on from my general piercing post yesterday, I thought that I would share my most recent experiences with you…

You probably know, if you read my posts, that I had my rook pierced on Saturday!  I had been looking at it for a while but initially decided that I would have it done next time and I would settle for the Middle Helix this time.  However, as the day got closer I starting thinking that I should just go for it and so I did.  I read some awful things online about the pain while the piercing took place and also the healing process.  I cannot comment on the healing process as of yet, as I am still at the beginning of it but I thought I would share my experiences so far.

I had it done at a tattoo parlour local to my parents, New Image Tattoo in Wisbech.  I have never been there before but the whole experience was very good.  My boyfriend came with me and waited in the waiting room but even he said that he will consider this place for his next tattoo, he is tattoo mad! I am surprised that I didn’t walk out of the side room to see that he was actually getting a small one done.  The staff were very chatty and friendly, it was probably my best piercing experience I have had.  As someone who has no tattoos I often find these places intimidating which is part of the reason I took Mike with me and made sure that he had his tattoos on show.

There was no waiting around, the girl took me straight through to the side room and got out all of the equipment so I could see that it was all new and everything was clean.  She marked up the spot on my ear and asked that I checked it in the mirror. I was happy with it so I laid down and positioned my head facing the wall.  This was good as it meant I couldn’t see her or the needle.  It was over so quickly…. I was shocked at how little pain there was.  I was then free to check the piercing in the mirror and it looked so cute so I paid and left.

I know that everyone can tolerate different amounts of pain and I would say that mine is medium.  I have never cried having a piercing or blood test but I don’t think that I would stand the pain of a tattoo.   I honestly could not believe how this did not hurt at all.  Like there was a scratch when the needle when it but it was over extremely quickly.

It was a bit sore for about half an hour after but after that I had no problems with it at all. I didn’t sleep on it on the first night as it was sore to touch but from night 2 I have been sleeping on it for part of the night, without any trouble.  I read online I know you shouldn’t believe everything that you read that the pain may be constant for 2 or 3 days after you get it done but it has been a few days now and I can honestly say that I have had no headache or burning sensation. I also read reviews online that some people had an ear that resembles a rugby players after having it pierced however, mine barely swelled. I like the fact that you cannot really see the earing unless you are looking for it (please see the photo below)

I have been cleaning it twice a day with saline solution and I know it hasn’t been that long but so far I have had no issues with it all.  It is hard to clean because it is at a weird angle and hard to see.  I have been cleaning it with cotton wool pads and Q Tips.  I have already ordered a rose gold bar to replace the current one, I know I will be waiting a while for that though.  I am so happy that I actually got this done!

Love, Minnie x



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