Piercings – what I have, what I use to have & what I want.

You may have seen in my Weekly Review that I got my rook pierced at the weekend, which I was super nervous for but so pleased I got it done.  It inspired me to do a mid-week post about all my piercings!  I love piercings and have done since I got my first set done at aged 4!

I am also planning to do a specific post about my rook piercing experience while it is still fresh in my mind.


Current Piercings 

Lobes x2 

I had my first set of lobes done when I was aged 4 and the second at aged 7!   I admit that I do not wear earings enough in these holes and I am making an effort at the moment to increase the wear time. This has also given me the perfect excuse to buy some new studs. I found when I was at school, I did a lot of sport so I had to take these out and never got around to putting them back in, luckily, I had them done when I was so young they’ve not healed up.

Belly Button 

I had this done when I was about 13/14 and I begged my mum for ages and when she first said yes, I actually chickened out in the tattoo place.  We had to wait ages and this just made my nerves worse.  When I did get it done, I did not feel any pain at all.  Now I am getting older I feel as if I never change the bar and never actually have the piercing on show.  If my stomach didn’t look so alien without it (to me that is as I am so used to it now) I would remove it.  I think when I eventually have kids it will be removed as soon as I know I am pregnant and not put back in.


This was a bit of an impulse piercing and it hurt a lot less than I expected, although I have a feeling that they numbed it. I was about 17 at the time and it felt like everyone was getting this done. I still love this one, it is very fiddly to change though.

Forward helix

I had this one about four years ago and I have only just had to take it out and put it back in, I was so scared that it would heal up but luckily it didn’t and it was super easy to change.  I am looking forward to changing this to a rose gold earing to match the rest of my current ones. This didn’t actually hurt when it was being done but I did have a sharp headache for a few hours later that day.  It healed amazingly well and I am very happy with it.


My new baby!  I very nearly got the middle cartilage done instead of this but I am so glad I got it done as I had been looking at them for a while.  The actual piercing was much less painful than I was expecting and so far the healing process has been ok.  I heard that it does take up to a year to heal properly so I will keep you updated.  I have already purchased a rose gold bar to replace this one with even though I may have to wait a while before I can do this.

Retired Piercings 


My 15-year-old self is to blame for this one.  I was still at school when I had this pierced and I loved it for so long but when it came to start thinking about my legal career I decided that I needed to appear more professional on open days and interviews so I took it out.  I am so glad that I did, it may be personal preference but I feel that they are very chavvy when I see them now. It also did some damage to my gums which I don’t think can be reversed.  I feel that I should have researched this more.


I had been desperate for this for ages and was so impatient, I actually had it done with a gun!! This has been the most painful piercing I’ve had and took the longest to heal.  I have retired this after taking it out for my MRI, so a good 10 years after having it done because when it was out I noticed how bumpy the cartilage was.  The healing process took so long for this and I would often wake up in the night with a swollen ear months and years after the piercing.  It is so easy to catch too, especially when my ears are kind big.  I do not miss having this one in at all.

Third lobes

I had my third lobe set done when I was 16/17 and again, I still did a lot of sport so they healed over pretty quickly when I forgot to put the earings back in.  I do not miss these now at all.

What I want next 

Middle Cartilage 

I almost had this done instead of my rook and then the girl suggested that I had both but I was not prepared for that!  Anyway, I have seen many pictures online of this piercing and it looks so good! I do have ears that stick out a bit so I am worried about the attention that this may draw to them or it doesn’t look as nice as the pictures but I may consider this again when my rook has healed.  I will get this done with a needle not a gun and hopefully not have the same issue I had with my helix.

What piercings do you have?

Love, Minnie x

P.S. I am aware that my earings don’t currently match, I have ordered some that do…

Boots & Asos Haul – August 2017

It was pay-day last week so I decided to treat myself to both stuff from ASOS & Boots. I spent way too much on clothes last month I have decided that I will buy no more clothes and limit my unnecessary spending this month.


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I saw this on Soph Does Nails and it looked incredible so I rushed to buy the Moca shade, her skin tone is completely different to mine so I have no idea whether this will suit me but I will probably do a review in due course.  It was buy one get one half price in Boots when I ordered so I managed to get a second one for half the price and I picked up the shade Pink Bliss, which seems to be more of my usual lipstick shade.  These are £5.99 per lipstick when the deal is not on.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have only ever heard good things about this concealer so when I was ordering from Boots I decided to pick it up.  I picked it up in the shade fair shade 1.  I hope that this is not too fair for my skin, if so, then I am sure it will be fine in the winter months.  This was £4.19 and I have high hopes for it.


Collection Primed & Ready Powdered by Witch Invisible Setting Powder

You may remember from my Maybelline foundation first impressions post that I wanted to try a setting powder with the foundation that I was trying out, so this invisible one jumped out at me when I was browsing the Boots website and it found its way into my basket.  The powder was £3.99 which is part of the reason it jumped out at me and it claims to tackle blemishes. I am looking forward to giving it ago before a right my full review on the foundation.


Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF30

This is my favourite SPF and I wear it every day. My current one, which I first bought for Mexico is now running low so I decided that I needed a backup for when it does actually run out.  I also need to check whether they do sell these in the winter months otherwise I will be placing another order and very sharp-ish.  It is £6.00 at Boots and I think possible cheaper at Superdrug with their deals however, I was ordering for Boots so just paying a little more seemed reasonable.




I love ASOS at the minute and have placed a few orders in the last few weeks so this haul isn’t exactly big. I love the fact that you can put in your height and weight for certain products and it tells you the best size to purchase.  I have not had any trouble with this so far, which is great because I hate returning stuff.

A selection of earings

I had to take my piercings all out for the MRI, which was a pain but it also reflected that I don’t actually wear earings in my lobes enough. I wear them at Christmas time and when I think that the holes are actually closing up but it made me decide that I want to start wearing them more.  I decided to order some from ASOS as I was ordering anyway and I can’t wait to actually put these in. The set of 8 studs was £8.00 where as the heart set £5.00 and the star stud which I am hoping will look good in my forward helix was £6.00.


Barbie Pajamas

I actually wanted the other set of Barbie Pajamas that ASOS sell for the holiday to Mexico back in May.  They have long trousers so I decided that they would stop the bug bites however, I never got around to ordering.  I noticed that they now sell short PJ’s too and they looked so good so I had to order.  These were £22.00 so slightly more than what I would normally spend on Primark but these will probably be the only short Pj’s that I buy for a while. I also hope that they last longer than the Primark ones I usually purchase.  I bought these in an XS (UK size 4-6) and as you can see these are true to size and not too tight for PJ’s.  (Sorry for the bad photo, it’s the only kind of full size mirror I have in the flat.)



Love, Minnie x

Review Of My Week

I am not usually one for posting at the weekend, purely because I have not been organised enough.  I really loved posting last weekend and therefore, I have decided to see if a weekly round up of my week is manageable and interesting.  I am not sure if any of you really care about my week but it will give me something to look back on.  As I posted my yearly goals this week,  I thought that I would start setting myself some weekly goals to keep on track.

What have I been doing?

I have had a full week at work this week, no out of office appointments or random days off.  It has given me a chance to catch up on stuff at work as it has been so busy and I have had a few days off recently for different reasons.

Mike has also been away this week,  well Friday to Wednesday, he has been on a ‘lads holiday’.  He first went to Estonia and then Latvia and I picked him up on Wednesday night from Stansted Airport.   I may see if he is up for doing a post about his travels, no promises though as he may not be up for that.  His flight was actually delayed Wednesday night so I was extremely sleepy Thursday,  I have learnt that I do not cope well on little sleep.

I have also been looking at flights to Menorca in October.  My parents are actually away for half-term week and have a big villa booked which can also accommodate Mike & I. This means that we have been looking into flights for a while but we have decided that this is definitely what we want to do.  Hopefully, we will get something booked soon and it is another holiday to look forward to.  It also fills the long gap since we returned from Mexico until we go to Berlin at Christmas time.

Weekend plans

This weekend I am in Norfolk.  My parents are still away and my sister is home alone so I am visiting her and my in-laws. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend without being a recluse like last weekend.  I went to my parents Friday evening and had Macdonalds with Mike & my sister.

Mike & I woke up early Saturday and I got my rook pierced (EEKK!) I really wanted it done and my middle helix but I had worked myself up about the rook and almost talked myself out of it but I am so glad I decided just to go for it (instead of the middle helix).  It didn’t hurt and only stung slightly afterwards.  It doesn’t even hurt the day after but I can’t sleep on it.  She said it takes 6 weeks to heal enough to change the bar and I am already looking forward to that.

We then had a coffee and went to his brothers for a family lunch at a local pub.  It was very nice and they keep farm animals outside too.  On the way home, we all stopped for a drink at another farm shop/restaurant/ bar which was lovely.

The rest of the weekend was for relaxing, visiting my grandma and catching up on jobs that needed doing.


New Products I have been trying

You will already be aware that I have been trying the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and you can check out my first impressions here.  I enjoyed this post as it was a week thing where I actually did update my views on the products daily.  I will be doing a full review on this foundation in due course.

I have also been trying the Clinique Chubby Highlighter this week, it is a cream highlighter and I will be doing a full review once I have used it more.  I am not sure it is the best highlighter with the Maybelline foundation and as I have committed to the foundation every day for a week, I don’t think my first impression is accurate yet.

It has been pay day this week so I have also placed a order with ASOS, Boots and Amazon so I will show you exactly what I bought shortly.


Since my stomach is now returning to normal since my MRI, I have been eating normally and following a veggie diet.  I seem to follow a veggie diet during the week and then eat meat occasionally at weekends.   I did not eat meat last week (at all!) but as my stomach has been recovering, I cannot tell whether this is having any effect on my stomach issues as of yet.  I also get my MRI results next week and if they are all clear then I think my IBS medication may change again as it is not under control at the moment, but I will update you after my appointment with the consultant.

It has been a few days of junk food since Mike came back, we had Chinese takeaway on Thursday evening and Macdonald’s Friday.

Goals for next week

Not to spend any money (other than what I have already planned & any unplanned emergencies) and to start making my lunches for work again.  I have got into the habit of just buying my lunches from Waitrose, which is expensive and not great for my body.  I really need some ideas before I start the week…. maybe my weekly food shop will inspire me or I will head to Google.

Keeping with the same theme, I used to budget my weekly expenditure and I want to start doing that again so I can hopefully really save some money before the end of the year.  It is so hard when you live alone, have rent and bills to pay monthly just to save enough towards a deposit for a house.



First Impressions Over a Week – Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation

I actually bought this foundation a week ago now, thank you for persuading me In Your Face by Maleeha.  I picked it up in Asda when I was doing my weekly shop and it cost £7.00 which is very affordable for foundation. I think that it is often on offer in other stores but this was just most convenient for me.  I picked it up in the shade Ivory which is a good match for my summer skin however, I have a feeling that it may be too dark in the winter months.  I thought I’d try it for the best part of a week and tell you my opinions as the week goes on.


I didn’t want to apply much make up as I was not leaving the house so I applied one layer.  I first noticed that it went on the skin very well and blends evenly.  I think that it could be buildable and I will try this out during the week.  One layer definitely mattifies the skin and covers most of my sun spots! It is not full coverage with just one layer. I used it over just my usual SPF30 today.

This lasted all day!


So, I wasn’t planning on wearing any makeup today but I ended up applying this foundation and a highlight stick that I am also trying out but unsure about at the moment! I applied a little more than yesterday, over my usual SPF but also the anti-aging cream that I use every other day. It really does have good buildable coverage. I tried applying with a cheap buffing brush but ended up swapping back to the beauty blender. It went on well and lasted all day without any touch up or powder.

I do want to invest in a good brush set soon so if any of you have any recommendations please let me know.


The first proper day of try this as it is the first day I am leaving the house.  I wanted to layer it up a bit more and I realised how runny it actually is, especially compared to the Clinque Even Better Foundation that I have been wearing recently.  The second coat (not all over, just under the eyes and around problem areas) blended evenly with the first layer and it made my skin look even but not so mattified.

It was almost lunch time by the time I noticed that the product creased around my eye lids.  I have a feeling that this could be because I put too much of the product on at once and it is ‘runnier’ that what I am use to.  It did however, last all day and I didn’t seem to have any problems after lunch time.


I decided that I would layer it up slower today.  Smaller amounts on my face to build up gradually.  This took longer and I actually left the house later but it was worth it.  The makeup looked so much better on my skin first thing this morning.   It was still dewy rather than mattifying and although I left drying time, it doesn’t seem to work that well with a cream highlight so I think I will stick to the power ones.  (I checked the cream highlighter at the end of the day and it was still just sat on my foundation – it didn’t blend well at all.)

I also have more breakouts today but this may be due to the TOM rather than the makeup as I am also retaining so much water this week.

I checked my face throughout the day and have not noticed the same creasing that I had yesterday.  Therefore, maybe my method worked.

Note to self today – pick up a powder at the weekend to try with this.


Happy Hump Day!

Today I decided to apply the foundation with a Real Techniques brush rather than a beauty blender and I have to say I think I prefered it.   It seemed to actually become part of my skin rather than looking ‘oily’ on top.  I used one layer all over and then the second was just buffed into the areas that need it i.e. my chin at the moment has so many breakouts, I am hoping that they are hormonal. 

I did not use the cream highlighter today but instead opted for the L’Oreal True Match Highlighter and specifically the white colour.  I only used a little bit on my brush to ensure that this is still subtle enough for work.  It seemed to blend a lot better than the cream highlighter and left my skin mattified again. I will write a full review on these highlighters shortly.

I had to pick Mike up from the airport late tonight and I accidentally fell asleep around 8pm, with my make up on.  I was horrified but I didn’t have time to take it off and reapply before I left the house so I simple touched up the problem areas i.e. my hopefully hormonal breakouts.  The foundation seemed to stay on my face pretty well even during the nap. I didn’t wake up with any further breakouts which is my worry when I fall asleep in makeup.


I can’t believe that this is my last day before the post goes live, this week has gone so quick. Unfortunately, I did not take many photos as the week went on due to a busy schedule but I will post the ones I have.

I am so tired today that I don’t think anything could make my face look good.  I applied the foundation with a brush and then a beauty blender and this worked well.  I used a different bronzer today and a powder highlight which both worked well with the foundation.

Overall, I am happy with this foundation as it is good medium coverage and feels very lightweight on the skin.  My full review should be up next week. 

Love, Minnie x


Why I gave up Coca-Cola

They say it takes a month to break a habit….

I have always had an addiction to Coca-Cola, as a child it was all that I would drink and at University I practically lived on it, while limiting my food intake.   I had no health complaints, I was not over weight nor did I think that it was doing me any harm.  I stopped drinking it a few times over the years and slowly started again, but opted for the diet version as it was zero calories and like many others I actually believed that it wasnt that bad for me. I completely appreciate that there are worse addictions to have and so I am not complaining about my life in the slightest, I am just sharing my experience.

After a trip to the dentist in 2016, I decided that I would cut out all forms of coca cola including diet.  It has been over 18 months now and I am pleased to stay that I have stuck to it completely.  I cannot believe that it took me 26 years to break this silly addition. I have not even had one when I have been on a night out or on holiday for the fear that I would get addicted again.  It is hard as cola is such a good mixer for many drinks and I feel that this does kind of stop me drinking as much now which I am not complaining about.  I know that I can have a choice of cocktails which makes up for it.

Cutting it out completely was probably the hardest thing that I have done, I had a constant headache for about a week solid where my body was adapting to not having the sugar and it was hard.   The working day was such a struggle for a couple of months but I have done it, I no longer have the headaches and I feel so much better for it.  I did consider not stopping completely and just reducing to say one glass a day however, this would not have been realistic for me and would have made the whole process harder.

I actually drink my water at night out of a diet coca-cola cup that I got for Christmas a few years ago and I love it.  I find it sort of ironic!  I personally don’t think that I could physically drink cola now without throwing up and that shows me how far I have come in 18 months.

When I have eventually have my own children, I think that I will be carefully as to what food and drink I expose them too at a young age.  I know that this is difficult but I would not want my children becoming so addicted to cola.

It did take me a while to realise the benefits of not having cola on a daily basis and I am so glad that I only drink water now with the daily coffee and occasional lemonade. What benefits have I felt in the last 18 months:

  • Improved concentration especially at work
  • I am fully hydrated – I read that although cola gives your taste buds the sensation of dealing with your thirst, it doesn’t and you end up thirstier
  • Fewer headaches
  • My skin has cleared up
  • I now that any teeth issues is not caused by the excessive amounts of sugar etc. but rather the lack of milk in my diet which I am working on
  • I have more energy
  • I generally feel happier in myself
  • I am no longer embarrassed at the amount of cola that I drink.  I use to have a sense of feeling ashamed that I was so addicted to it and this has now been taken from  me.

Love, Minnie x


Goals I’d like to achieve before 2018

It is already August and I thought I would do a post with my 2017 New Year Goals and how I am working on them.  I set myself yearly goals rather than resolutions as I feel that you don’t need to wait until the 01 January to start working towards them…

Start a Blog

ok, so I have already done this but it is a on-going target as lots to learn.  I do think that this is one of the best things that I have done this year.  It is great being able to put my thoughts into written posts that people actually read.  It is also great being able to read more posts and receive comments from lovely people.

Learn how to do makeup properly

I have always loved doing my makeup, but it was literally, a layer of foundation and some mascara.  I have fairly good skin anyway so thought that I didn’t really need much more but since YouTube and the Blogs I am loving learning new ‘proper’ ways of doing my makeup and I am really enjoying this.

Bake More 

You may have noticed that I have started doing this.  My flat does get very hot with the oven on and multiple batches so I am looking forward to doing this even more in the winter months, when I want the flat to be warm. I am also looking forward to some Christmas baking!

Exercise More

This is not really an excuse but I do not have that much time with work and gym’s here are really expensive.  I have started walking to more places with Mike instead of driving which is a start.  I did also start ballet at the beginning of the year but this was time-consuming and was leading to a show, which happened to fall on the weekend of my parents anniversary party.  I enjoy ballet so this is something that I may restart in the future.  I also want to run a charity 10K, however, it is getting late in the year now so I may start training ready for next year.

Give Blood

I tried to give blood in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The first time they had to check my medical history with a doctor before I could donate.  I went with my sister who has actually now given 10 times and I cried when I couldn’t donate on the day! The doctor gave the all clear and the next couple of times the blood didn’t actually come out quick enough and they had to stop the donation.   At the time, I was 1.5 stone over the minimum weight allowed but as I was only 20 the nurses decided that I was too small and too young! I was put off the reminder list until 2016.  However, 2016 arrived and I now weigh too little in order to give.  I hope that I can put on enough weight by the end of the year to give.

Save More 

This is always a goal of mine and it is self-explanatory.  Spend Less Save More! My ultimate goal is to save enough for a deposit on a house….

What are your current goals?

Love, Minnie x


[Review] Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water & Cleansing Gel

I have been taking my makeup off for ages now with the Garnier Skin Active Micellar water and I absolutely LOVE IT.  It takes up all traces of my makeup with limited amount of product and leaves my skin feeling great.  I have sensitive skin/ eyes and have never had a problem with the water.  I have already been through several of the massive bottles and loads of the travel size ones. I have started buying the travel size due to the amount of time I spend between my flat, Mike’s and my family home.

More recently, I have also purchased the Skin Active Cleansing Gel Wash was has proved to be a good addition to my skin care routine.   This also takes off makeup effectively but I use it as a face wash after the Milliar Water has taken off my makeup and as a cleanse in the morning.  I have never had any trouble with my skin when using this wash however, it does sting the eyes if you get it too close.  This can be a pain as you expect it to be good for sensitive eyes.


  • Affordable – £3.33 for the water & £2.66 for the gel
  • Accessible – Can be found in the drug store and major supermarkets in the UK
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t cause any breakouts
  • Leaves skin clean and soft
  • It also comes in a range of sizes so is good for travelling


  • The cleansing gel can hurt your eyes


The pros completely outweigh the cons for me. There is nothing better than ensuring that your skin is clean before going to bed and for me these two products alone and together do the job.  However,  the sore eyes are uncomfortable so it would be good if Garnier could change the formula to make this better or simple not to advise the gel as being good for sensitive eyes.

What do you use to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin?

Love, Minnie x