July Birchbox

Happy Sunday my beauties 

This month’s Birchbox came earlier this month as I didn’t have to make a trip to the sorting office.  I am excited to try this months products although, I did ask for the Mannakadar in the Bronzer shade not the blush one which arrived.  I am hoping that this does suit my skin tone but I will give it a try.

I am also excited to try the Beauty Pro Eye Therapy mask as I love anything with Green Tea. I am still also on the hunt for a good serum and the description of the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum sounds perfect for my blemish prone skin.

BeautyPro EYE THERAPY Under Eye Mask with Collagen and Green Tea extract

A few too many late nights leaving eyes a little tired? This nourishing treatment could be the answer! The hydrogel patch minimises fine lines, puffiness, shadows and dryness while increasing elasticity. Hello pretty peepers!

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum

Yikes – you have a spot, a blemish, a breakout! Don’t panic. Help is at hand in the form of Balance Me’s Congested Skin Serum – a skin saviour that smells so good it feels like a luxury treatment rather than an SOS (and it’s suitable for ALL skin types!). Containing the brand’s bespoke, high grade pure aromatherapy blend of Roman chamomile, anti-bacterial may change, calming lavender and eucalyptus that they’ve expertly suspended in a light, non-greasy petroleum free gel of organic aloe vera and spruce knot, it’s a non-drying, skin fixing must-have. Also great for restoring skin’s natural balance – when you really feel like your skin needs a reboot – this is the serum for that too.

Manna Kadar Paradise Blush

Brighten up pale complexions or add a pop to darker skin with this beautiful blush. The highly pigmented powder glides on smoothly for easy application, and leaves a subtle shimmer for a warm glow.

What’s in it for me..? Shower Scrub

Buff away dry skin with this uplifting shower scrub. Packed full of natural ingredients, walnut shell naturally exfoliates, sweet almond oil rejuvenates the skin, while orange and jasmine flower leave you smelling divine!

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

Add a little glam to every make-up look with these glossy eye sticks. The twist-up pencils are great for a low maintenance smokey eye or an easy wash of colour – and the shimmering shades are perfect for both day and night!


What did you get in your Birchbox this month?


Love, Minnie xoxo 


Birchbox July


Superdrug & Revolution Pro Mini Haul


I had absolutely loads in my Superdrug online basket last week and lost it all before I got around to ordering and then forgot half of the stuff I wanted to buy. Nightmare! This therefore, a smaller haul than I expected but I thought I’d show you what I bought.  I may also remember the items I wanted to buy and actually purchase them so a part 2 may be coming soon.

Superdrug Coconut Oil with Argan Oil

I saw this recommended on a blog – or YouTube video so thought I would give it a go. I am planning on using it as a hair mask at the weekend so I will update you as to how I get on.  It can however, also be used as conditioner or on skin.  It is usually £2.49 but I purchased it on an offer where it was reduced to £1.65 – either way it is super affordable.


Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I have only ever heard amazing things about this concealer but every time I have tried to purchase in store it has been out of stock.  I decided to colour match online and luckily I think I did well with C4.  If I like this, I will purchase additional shades too in order to see how they work as a contour etc.  This was £4.00 so again every affordable.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

You may remember that I was loving The Ordinary Serum Foundation – I still do love it.  I did find however, that I like a bit more coverage some days! I have now run out of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation after realising that this worked well with The Ordinary one to provide additional coverage, but I did not want to spend as much by re-purchasing.  I have also only seen amazing reviews of this Revolution Pro Foundation so decided it was time to try.  I colour matched again online and happy with F4 from what I have seen so far. I think I will pick up the shade darker for when I am tanned.  It is only £7.00 so I feel that this is justified having two or more.

I have actually already worn this to the cinema Wednesday night so a first impressions post will be up shortly.


Revolution Pro Liquid Drop Foundation Brush

It was three for two on selected make up items at Superdrug when I ordered and therefore, I felt I had to purchase something else.  I really could not remember what was in my basket before so decided to have a look at other things included in the deal.  I settled on this Revolution Pro Brush which is actually designed for the foundation I picked up.  It does look really good and is only £7.00.  This meant that I actually received the concealer for free – bonus!

p.s yes I forgot to take a photo of the brush before using it – it has only been used once in the photo below.

What are your favourite Revolution Pro products?

Love, Minnie xoxo 

[Review] amika Bombshell Blowout Spray

This arrived in my June Birchbox and the first time I used it – I was not impressed.  But, as with all things I know first impressions cannot be accurate so I decided to give it another go!

The second time I used this, I was very impressed.  I didn’t spray direct onto my hair but instead into my hands and rubbed it through my hair.  I then blow dried as normal.  My hair dried straight and quick. It also has a beaut smell.  I noticed that my hair had a lot more volume following this and then as usual, I tied my hair up and went to bed.

I usual straighten my hair the first day after a wash.  However, the best bit about this spray was that my hair did not need a straighten as it looked nice just blow dried. My hair is still super soft too.

I had a free small bottle with Birchbox but they are usually £14.99.  I would say that a little appears to go a long way so I will look into purchasing this when my sample has run out.

What it claims:

What it is:
A lightweight, volumizing blowout spray with heat protection for massive, long-lasting volume, body, and texture.

Key benefits:
– Creates volume, body, and texture
– Provides heat protection
– Returns moisture to hair

If you want to know more…
Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray delivers incredible volume, texture, and body to hair for the ultimate blowout. It uses lightweight polymers to plump the look of hair and provide body, without the extra weight or stiffness. Use it before blow-drying to create extra texture and lift, with a weightless layer of heat protection. You can also use it on dry hair, as a re-styler. The result is hair with lightweight, touchable hold and massive volume.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is free of artificial colors, petrochemicals, sodium chloride, and MCIT. It is also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated, and keratin-treated hair.


  • Adds a lot more volume to hair
  • No need for styling as much after use
  • Hair dried quick
  • Smells so good
  • Not too heavy on the hair
  • available online
  • Not too expensive


  • Cannot use too much or it makes your hair feel like straw
  • I have only seen this available online
  • It is not the cheapest product – I have used good hair oils for less

Have you tried this?

Love, Minnie xoxo

[Review] LOréal Hair Expertise Riche Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello my loves 

I purchased the LOréal Hair Expertise Riche Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner at the beginning of May as I was looking for a sulphate free shampoo and this was on offer in Superdrug.  At first, I hated it.  It made my hair feel really dry and unmanageable.  However, I have completely changed my mind with constant use.  My hair now feels soft and dries easier.  I have used it for every hair wash since and I would highly recommend.

It is £6.29 per bottle at Superdrug however, I purchased two for £9.00 in a deal so it is good to keep an eye open for these type of offers.  It is not the most affordable shampoo but it is not too expensive either. I have found that a little does go a long way.  It does lather really well (which I hear is rare for sulphate free shampoos).  It has a light but nice smell.

What it claims: 

Especially designed for even over-processed hair. The luxurious experience, with botanical oils. Respects the hair fibre.

Hair Expertise: After decades of research into hair the L’Oréal Paris laboratories have created a new care system for the most delicate hair.

Unique Sensorial Experience: A rich and high-foaming shampoo lather with aromatic fragrances.

The Power of Botanical Oils: Essential camelina and apricot seed to energise your senses.

Everriche nourishing & taming:

Specifically designed for very dry and rebellious hair, the EverRiche Nourishing & Taming range combines a Nourishing Care System with no sulphates. The formulae leave hair feeling nourished, protected from dryness.

Your hair feels satin soft and incredibly silky. Instantly tamed, your hair is easy to style and flows sumptuously with a brilliant shine.


  • available on the high street
  • Not the most expensive shampoo around
  • Lathers very well
  • Leaves my hair feeling really soft
  • Makes my hair easier to style after
  • Can purchase on a deal – i.e. both for £9.00
  • A little goes a long way
  • Smells nice
  • It has a nice gold packaging


  • It is not the most affordable shampoo and conditioner
  • It takes a while to get use to – stick with it!


Love, Minnie xoxo 


Woburn Safari Park

I apologise now for the lack of posts last week.  I was so busy at work as I was planning on having Friday off so I didn’t have much time to write on here.   It has been absolutely beaut in the UK recently.

Rob had booked a few days off so I decided to take Friday off so we could spend the day together, as he was working all weekend.  I let him choose what we were going to do and Thursday evening he text me to say he would be at mine at 9am.  He arrived at just after 9am and said we were going to Woburn.

I absolutely love Woburn, having been before. It was such a nice day too so I was glad to have on a skirt and crop top.  It is only about an hour to Woburn from mine and we arrived at around 11am.  We decided to stop off at Woburn Village for a coffee and it is such a pretty place.  The coffee was good too – although I am sure he looked at me and saw ‘silly londoner’ – which isn’t true.

The park is made up of a road safari where you can go around in your car and a foot safari which has smaller animals: like a zoo.  You can go around the road safari as many times as you like!  It was better going during the week rather than a weekend as we managed to go around some of it three times.  It was extremely warm on Friday so a lot of the animals seemed to be warm too and therefore, didn’t see any bears and the monkeys seemed to be sunbathing.  It is £24.99 each for entry into the park.

After we had been around the road safari a couple of times and seen some of the animals in the zoo we decided to have some lunch.  We went to the ‘canteen type’ restaurant and I had a huge jacket potato which was lovely, then it was time for one more trip around the road safari and back home.

What are you doing in the nice weather?

Love, Minnie xoxo 

10 things I learnt from Suits

Suits was always a show everyone was recommending based on the fact that I am a lawyer.  I never had any interest in watching it for two reasons 1) I spend all day everyday in a law firm and 2) it is based on American Law.   The law in America is completely different and I find law shows based on English law more relatable.

I did however, get swept up with Meghan fever this year and decided to give it a go.  I fell in love from the first episode and watched the first couple of series very quickly.  I then started watching with Rob and it became something we only watched together.  Last night we finished series 7 and now have the wait for series 8.  I am interested in how the show will develop without Rachel and Mike.

So, what did I learn from Suits 

  1. I need to wear more pencil skits – appearance does matter
  2. Always take responsibility for your mistakes and choices
  3. “When you are backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down”
  4. Confidence is important
  5. There is always a way.   It doesn’t matter how bad your start is or how life gets in the way, there is always a way around it
  6. Love can happen when you least expect it  (Rachel & Mike, Harvey & Donna etc.)
  7. The importance of a good legal secretary. I need my firm to hire a Donna ASAP
  8. Take more risks – they can and do pay off
  9. Family is not always how you expect it to be.  Work colleagues can be your family and you need to always treat them with the same respect you would anyone else
  10. Always be prepared & know your opposition before you face them


What did you learn from Suits?


Love, Minnie xoxo 


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OOTD – Weekend Lunch Date

I can’t believe that it is Monday morning already…. Rob & I made the most of a rare Saturday off for him. He had been working long nights this week so our day out turned into lunch out at Bella Italia (after a drive around St. Albans) and back at mine watching Suits and snoozing on the sofa. I haven’t had Bella Italia for years but it was nice to see that they now do a Vegan Cheese option for their pizza.

It was nice weather this weekend so I decided to wear this khaki dress from Select that my sister bought last year & gave to me when it didn’t fit her. It is perfect for the days out in the summer. They no longer have this on their website but I have found a similar one here . Select can be very affordable provided that the quality is good… some items I have found to be very hit or miss.

The sandals are also from last year (as I have had so much trouble buying summer clothes this year) and I bought them from New Look. Again, I cannot find the exact ones on their website but they do have plenty of similar ones. 

It was actually a perfect Saturday and I couldn’t resist a Snapchat filter.

How was your weekend?

Love, Minnie xoxo