[Book] Everything I know about Love – Dolly Alderton

Happy Friday!

Once again, I must apologise for the lack of posts this week.  It has been a busy week at work.

I have been a massive Dolly Alderton fan since discovering the High Low Podcast, which I listen to weekly now.  I followed Dolly on Twitter and discovered that she had also fairly recently written a book, so I jumped straight on Amazon and ordered.  I was so busy that it took me a while to read it but when I started I finished it within 24 hours.  I had seen that she was doing a tour and so as soon as I finished the book, I jumped online only to find that it had sold out.  This will teach me for being too slow.

Dolly was a dating columnist and is more generally a single 20 something living in London.  The book starts with her first experience of boys at school and moves through University and life generally. I laughed and cried at parts of the book and so much of it related to my actually experience with London and spending some of my 20s single. I have recommended this book to so many of my friends who are also going through or have been through the same.  It focus not only on relationships but also how she found herself and the love that she has for her friends, which is also very important.

The book includes life tips, funny dating stories, life with her friends, text conversations and even hangover food ideas.

Where to buy? 

I ordered this book on Amazon.

It is hardback though so may not be best for a beach book.


Any adult however, I think maybe more females in their 20s or 30s but it is suitable for older readers too.

How much? 


My rating? 


Have you read this book?


Love, Minnie xoxo







[Review] Revolution Pro Foundation Drops


You may have noticed or not that I didn’t post yesterday.  I have been posting regularly on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Sundays.  I have found that it is often too difficult to have a post ready to go for Monday morning after a busy weekend away from a computer so I am planning on changing the upload days to Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday to see how I get on.

So, todays post is my review of the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, which I did a first impressions of here.  The more I wear this foundation, the more I love it.  I have noticed with continued use that it is easy to wear a little of it for low coverage which can be built up with concealer‎ or it can be built up alone to a good medium coverage. In the last six months, my skin has been on a real journey and for the first time in that period, I am comfortable without the need for foundation everyday so this is perfect for me as it can be applied for a very light coverage or built up on days where it is needed or I am heading out. This may be my new favourite foundation.

It is not a matte foundation and therefore, it leaves my skin glowy and fresh looking.  I have also not had any additional breakouts due to the foundation which is always a good thing for me.  It lasts most of my working day without any touch up – 12 hours of wear- however, if I am heading out after work a small touch up is needed but nothing too drastic. 

It is £7.00 for 18ml of the product and can be purchased at Superdrug. They have 18 shades and it is easy to colour match online however, I recommend a trip to the shop if you can. I will be purchasing the darker shade however, I have not been tanning lately due to the heat and my natural tan is taking a while to appear.

It is foundation drops so can be a little messy.  I drop them onto my hand and use a brush to then apply to the face.  I have seen people apply direct to their face or direct to the brush.  I do think all methods would work.  I really like the packaging, it is small and fits easily into a makeup bag.

What it claims:

“Create a silky, breathable base with Revolution PRO Foundation Drops. 
In 18 skin-true shades, this ultra-lightweight, water-based formula creates an undetectable finish on all skin tones. Use a few drops for a sheer wash of colour or layer up to build natural looking medium coverage.”



  • it is very affordable
  • easily accessible – Superdrug or online
  • good for sensitive skin – no breakouts
  • good medium coverage which can be build up
  • is not too heavy on the skin
  • long-lasting
  • easy to apply
  • 18 shades in the range
  • fresh looking skin


  • messy application
  • only 18ml of product rather than the usual 30ml


What is your favourite foundation?


Love, Minnie xoxo 


[First Impressions] Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter


This is one of the samples that came with the foundation I ordered a few months ago. I left it in my beauty draw and ended up completely forgetting about it until I had a mini clear out recently. I hadn’t heard much about this at the time but it does keep popping up on Instagram etc. now.

It claims to be

a customisable complexion booster with the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. Ingredients help to soft-focus, illuminate skin and makes lines and pores appear smoother.”

Essentially, it claims to do a bit of everything.

So, I decided to try this out under my work makeup and see how it held up all day and this is how I found it.  I think you can also wear it over your foundation, however, for me I decided to try it under the foundation especially as I was at work.  The foundation I used was Revolution Pro Foundation Drops.

N.B: I do my makeup for work at 6:15am and I don’t get home from work until 6:30pm so this is about 12 hours of standard wear. 

My sample came in the shade ‘2/light’ which is the shade that I would pick if I was buying and the full size costs £30.00, which means that it has to be amazing for that price for me to consider buying it.


Okay, so I really didn’t know what to expect but it was a bit like applying a tinted moisturizer. It definitely improved the skin tone and removed any redness that my skin had.  A little also went a long way and I found that I didn’t actually need much of the sample to go under my makeup.  I think that you could use more on holiday etc. without any other face products.  I may try this at the weekend, if I have enough left.

I then applied my foundation, which I don’t think I applied as much as I usually do, given that there was already a layer of something on my skin however, my foundation applied well and I upped the coverage with concealer.  I didn’t notice that the foundation had the WOW factor in applying as normal but I think that this was because I had already evened out the skin tone.

Before work 

My pores definitely appeared smoother and my makeup looked more ‘finished’ and glowy but my skin could still breathe.  It didn’t seem like I had applied an extra layer of foundation or anything like that. The difference wasn’t too noticable and no one mentioned anything.  I work in an office where makeup changes are noticed quickly. 

Lunch time – 1pm 

By this point I am not sure I like how my face looks close up but I do like it from a distance. It looks refreshed and glowy.  My makeup has stayed on all day so no complaints so far.

Home time – 6:30pm 

My make up still looked okay and I probably could have carried on wearing it with a small touch up.  It wasn’t as glowy as lunch time but my skin did look refreshed still.

Overall, I prefer my makeup without this underneath.  I am interested to see if this makes a difference on top of my makeup and I think it would be good for holidays when you I don’t usually wear makeup but need something to even out my skin tone etc. I do not think I will rush to buy the full size version but will maybe look at this again before my next holiday.

Have you tried this product?


Love, Minnie xoxo 



Empties #1

Hello and Hello Friday!

I have been trying to keep hold of my empties recently, it is hard living in a small flat with not much space, so it is something I am working on.  I now have a few things – it seems to take me ages to finish anything – so I decided I would ease myself in gently starting an Empties Series.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation

I purchased this when my skin was at its worse. I liked that Charlotte Tilbury have the amazing Magic Cream and expected this to be good for my skin.  Now there was nothing wrong with this and I did use it constantly for a while, in that time my skin didn’t improve but I don’t think it caused any more breakouts.  I found that the coverage was not great so I stopped using it so much and mixed it with other foundations. It did not make my skin look amazing either.  I think this would be good for a holiday where you want a light touch of makeup. It is also expensive for what it is.

Re-purchase: maybe at some point but not right away 

Superdrug Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo

I did a whole review of this on my blog a few weeks ago.  You will remember that I hated this dry shampoo it is probably the worst one that I have tried. It didn’t get any better and I am thankful that it has now run out. I am on the hunt for a new one this weekend so if you have any recommendations, please let me know?

Re-purchase: No !!! 

Superdrug hot cloth cleanser

This is my love! I love this and also did a review which you can find here! I still love it and had a back up even before I had finished. I can’t imagine using anything else on my skin now and I think I use it even more than I did when I wrote my review.  I have found myself craving this when it has been hot or after a night out.  The only negative I have now discovered is that it is hard to travel with as the cloth is wet after use.

Re-purchase: Yes – already have! 

Miss Babyroll Mascara

I think I reviewed this last year and have been using it on and off since.   I have finally used it up. I still like it and the way it makes my lashes look. It is also affordable and doesn’t cause any issues for my sensitive eyes. I am keen to try out other drug store mascaras so I will not re-purchase this one straight away.

Re-purchase: maybe in the future 

I hope that you all have a nice weekend.

Love, Minnie xoxo 

Justin Timberlake The Man of the Woods Tour

I was very lucky this week and was given two tickets for Justin Timberlake’s The Man of the Woods Tour for Monday night. I decided to take one of my closest friends from University. She lives in London and I don’t make time to see her enough. Anyway, it was at the O2 in London, doors opened at 6:30pm and the show started at 7:30pm with JT coming on at 9ish. I left work early at 4:20pm and met my friend for dinner at almost 6ish.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfit as I got ready at work and then 3 tubes later I was super sweaty and didn’t look that great.  I did wear black jeans from Primark and this crop top from AllfromGrace which I loved.  It is in the sale and only £4.00 so such a bargain.

Following the release of his highly anticipated album Man of the Woods and his epic Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show performance, Justin Timberlake has announced a U.K. The Man Of The Woods Tour!

Timberlake’s last tour was the critically acclaimed The 20/20 Experience World Tour, which sold out arenas and stadiums around the globe in 2013 and 2014.

I absolutely loved the showed, I danced and drunk so much wine that both my feet and head hurt the next day but if you can still get tickets for his tour then I would recommend.  He played a mix of his new stuff and his old which was great for everyone there.


I saw him at the o2 in London.


He is in the UK for July and August

How much? 

It varies

My rating? 


Have you seen JT live?


Love, Minnie xoxo


[Review] Superdrug Coconut Oil with Argan Oil – Hair Mask


I have been reading about the benefits of Coconut Oil for a couple of years now.  I incorporated it into my cooking last year and haven’t really looked back but I now wanted to try it into my skin care and hair routine.  You will see that I picked up this Coconut Oil with Argan Oil recently in Superdrug at the very affordable price of £1.65 reduced from £2.49. It comes in a 125ml tub which looks tiny but a lot of product is packed it.  I have also found that a little goes a long way.

The packet says that this can be used in three ways:

  1. For skin care
  2. As a hair conditioner
  3. As a hair mask

Now, all three appeal to me but I thought I would first try the product as a hair mask.  I will try to do further reviews on the other ways it can be used, if I have anything productive to add.

I decided that I would first try this at the weekend when I had no plans. It says that you can keep the mask on for two hours or over night if your hair is really dry.  I am really trying to grow my hair at the moment and looking after it well so it is in good condition.  I therefore, left it on for two hours.  It says wrap in a towel but as the UK is in the middle of a heat wave, I just tied my hair into a bun and did housework for a couple of hours. Yes, I think I am finally growing up. 

I then washed my hair with my usual shampoo and re-washed again with my usual shampoo to ensure that my hair was clean and all oil had been removed. I think I needed the second shampoo as it lathered a lot better the second time.  I did not condition my hair as I usually would and I resisted to use any blow out spray or hair oil before blow drying.  I was a bit worried how my hair was brush out however, this didn’t cause any problems at all, with no tangles or knots.  I always use a Wet Brush when I am at home and travel with mini Tangle Teezer in my handbag.

Immediately after the hair mask

I blow dried and straightened my hair as usual and honestly,  I don’t think that it has ever been easier to manage.  It is also super soft.  I had to resist the urge to keep touching it. It was nice and non-greesy all day.

The next day 

The day after I applied the mask, I was at work during the day followed by a Justin Timberlake Concert at the O2 and then stayed at a friends house.  I wouldn’t normally straighten my hair the day after washing it however, as I had such a busy day and would be getting ready for the concert at work, I decided to straighten it.  It was still easy to manage and soft.  It didn’t look dirty or non-greasy at all.

I will definitely try to make this part of my weekly routine.

What it claims:

Superdrug Coconut Oil helps condition the skin, scalp and dry or damaged hair.


With Argan Oil for extra care


Superdrug Coconut Oil helps condition the skin, scalp and dry or damaged hair.


  • It is very affordable
  • Easily accessible in Superdrug
  • Smells amazing
  • It has many uses
  • Washes out easily
  • Leaves hair feeling super smooth



  • This specific one is limited edition however, they do have a coconut oil in their permanent range, it just doesn’t include argon oil.


Have you tried a coconut oil hair mask?


Love, Minnie xoxo 




[First Impressions] Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

I have had my eye on this foundation for a while now and having looked at everyone’s reviews I thought I would give in and finally order with my next Superdrug order.  I initially planned to walk to Superdrug on my lunch break in order to properly colour match however, it has been so hot in the UK that I just couldn’t do it.  I colour matched online and luckily they have a wide range of shades and they actually help with descriptions of colour tones for each.

I went for F4 which claims to be ‘for light skin tones with neutral undertone’ which I think is accurate and the colour matches my skin tone.  I am also going to purchase a shade darker as I think F4 will be too light for when I am tanned. Luckily it is too warm for me to fake tan at the moment… not ideal living in a flat when it is so warm.  You will have seen from my haul video that I also purchased the brush that goes with it and have only used them together so far.

It is very affordable at £7.00 for a 18ml bottle.

The first time I applied this foundation was after work before a mid-week cinema date with Rob.  I couldn’t actually believe how smoothly it went on and the finish was like my skin, it wasn’t cakey nor did it cling to any dry patches that I often have. I think I actually said ‘WOW’ out loud when applying.   I don’t have oily skin and did not use a powder to set it. It lasted all date and I was pleased.

I have used it a few more times since then for day time looks and each time I have been equally impressed with the application and the finish.  I would definitely say that it is medium finish but is buildable and has better coverage than The Ordinary Foundation.  You cannot feel it on your skin and it hasn’t led to any breakouts as of yet. It is not really a matte Finish and leaves the skin glowing.  I have actually had compliments on how good my skin looks when wearing it.

The biggest test for the foundation came this weekend when it was so warm and I didn’t have any real plans except popping to a few shops and sitting in the garden.  I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see how it lasted all day.   I was so pleased,  my skin looked almost as good at the end of the day as it did in the morning, despite the fact I had been in a hot shop, sat in the sun, had a nap and even a little cry.  Rob was coming over in the evening, and usually I would at least touch up my makeup or re-do the whole thing. You can tell its a relationship at an early stage. However, I didn’t need to,  my skin still looked almost flawless.

I will do a full review once I have been using it for a bit longer, but I have a feeling this will be a firm favourite now.

What are your thoughts on this foundation?


Love, Minnie xoxo