Get To Know Me [Tag]

I am going through a pretty hard time currently which I don’t really want to go into yet, so the usual review of my week wasn’t great and I haven’t had time to do the post I had planned so here is a way to get to know me better…


1. What is your middle name?

I don’t actually have one….

2. Share you favorite subject in high school.

It was probably Business Studies which was an option I picked for GCSE but dropped at A Level. I also really enjoyed Chemistry.

3. What is your favorite drink?

Water // Coffee

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?

I listen to different music on a daily basis so I don’t have a favourite song

5. What would you (or have you) name your children?

I like the names Elsie for a girl and Henry for a boy but I have not put that much thought into it tbh.

6. Have you participated in any sports?

Yes, I have a black belt in Karate.  I also undertook ballet, tap, modern and jazz for about 12 years before starting University and most recently undertook ballet classes agin.

7. What is your favorite book?

Again, I read so many books that I don’t have an all time favourite

8. What is your favorite color?

Currently it is Mint Green but it changes regularly

9. What is your favorite animal?


10. What is your favorite perfume?

Bella Freud GINSBERG IS GOD.  I am scared of running out so this will be on my bday/xmas list.

11. What is your favorite holiday?

In the sun! I also enjoy city breaks whatever the weather

12. On a scale from 1 – 10, rate your childhood.

10 – it was the best. I have been so lucky

13. Have you been out of the country?


14. Do you speak any different languages?

Unfortunately not. I undertook french exchange when I was about 14 but I did not keep up learning the language, which I regret.

15. Do you have any siblings?

One sister who is only 18 months younger than me and my best friend

16. What is your favorite store?

I shop at lot at Primark, Topshop and New Look

17. What is your favorite restaurant?

Love Nandos but also cute independent places

18. Did you like school?

Not particularly, I really enjoyed the college I did my A Levels at and University.

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

SophDoesNails, Zoella, Lily Pebbles, The Anna Edit

20. What is your favorite movie?

Legally Blonde or Clueless

21. What are some of your favorite tv shows?

I enjoy the UK soaps, Orange is the New Black and casualty/Holby city

22. PC or mac?

Mac but I use a PC at work and have no complaints

23. What phone do you have?

Iphone 7 Plus

24. How tall are you?


25. Do you have any pets?

Nope but I really want a pug

Love, Minnie x


[Review] Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

You may have seen that I picked these up in my Boots haul and as they were on offer I picked up the shades Moca and Pink Bliss.  The costs of the lipsticks are £5.99 each but the offer I used was buy one get the second half price.

What they claim:

Want the London look? Rimmel introduces Stay Matte Liquid  Lip Colour, a liquid lipstick with high-intensity colour, velvety matte finish, and a long-lasting, comfortable wear.   

Boldness that stays on. Stay Matte delivers full coverage in one stroke that’s kiss-proof, touch-proof, and waterproof while also being unbelievably comfortable and lightweight. 

Rimmel London is an inner confidence that how we look is always cool, irreverent, never predictable and always evolving.

I personally feel that you need more than one coat to give a good coverage and I opt for two coats when I am using these.  They do last for ages and as a big coffee drinker when I have these on I do not notice any transfer on the coffee cup- which is great.  The first day I wore the Moca shade I think I had two coffee’s from Starbucks (oops!) and half a three course meal before the lipstick needed a slight touch up.  It had also been hours so it is long-lasting.

With all liquid lipstick, the long-lasting effect does mean that the formula is drying on the lips and this is no different.  Although, it is still comfortable to wear it is drying and I find myself applying a lip balm before and after wearing the lipstick.

The two colours I picked up are gorgeous, I am definitely more of a pinky nude and therefore, the Pink Bliss is the one I feel more comfortable wearing however, I love the Moca shade too and hopefully I will become more confident with this on.  There is a total of 14 shades to choose from so I will definitely be back in Boots to check out some of the others.  The shade ‘Plum This Show’ looks perfect for Autumn/ Winter and ‘Latte to Go’ seems slightly lighter than Moca so I may feel more comfortable with that one.


  • Affordable (cheap anyway and then can be found on offer too)
  • Accessible – in the drugstore and on Amazon
  • Long Lasting – perfect for coffee drinkers like myself
  • Doesn’t transfer
  • Comfortable to wear
  • available in a wide range of shades


  • Drying on the lips
  • You do need more than one coat for full coverage


Overall I do like this lipstick as it is great for drinking coffee, is long lasting, looks good and is not too drying on the lips.  It also comes in a wide range of shades at a very affordable price.

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

Love, Minnie x




My Evening Routine

Although it is still mid-August, I have noticed how it seems to definitely be turning to Autumn already.  I love a relaxing evening any time of year however, they definitely feel cosier as the weather cools down and the nights draw in.

I have therefore, decided to post what I usually do after work in the evening. Weekends are similar but a little different as I often have Mike with me then. My evenings during the week are ‘me’ time. I live alone in a small flat and therefore, I am free to do what I please without being interrupted.  This makes a big change from shared houses at University and when I first moved to London.

I normally arrive home at 6:30pm (I leave at 5:30pm and the time of arrival varies between 6:10pm and 7.00pm depending on the traffic.) I then like to put my dinner on as soon as possible.  I hate eating late as I don’t digest as well so I decide to crack on with dinner as soon as I am home.  Often I have it prepared in advance and while this is looking I quickly change into my comfies more often than not pajamas and take my makeup off.  I eat my dinner often have a quick desert normally, ice cream or fruit then I shower.

I then try to do some housework, I believe that if you do one job each day then the tasks become smaller.  I often put a load of washing in or do the hoovering at this time.

I always shower in the evenings rather than the mornings and I wash my hair every other day.   The shampoo I am currently using is L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Air however, I do swap between shampoos regularly to avoid build up. Once I am out of the shower, I dry my hair as soon as I can and put my pajamas back on.  I have started drying my hair before brushing it as I read online that it is better for your hair.  I always use my Pantene Pro V dry oil repair & protect hair oil too.  This seems to be working for me and my hair feels great.



Although I take my make up off before I shower with Micellar Water, I do the majority of my skin care once my hair is dry and I am in my pajamas.  I also brush my teeth at this time and at the moment I am also cleaning my rook piercing.



I then like to relax whether this is on the sofa with the soaps and other TV dramas or in bed with Netflix. I light some candles and just unwind from the day until I am feeling sleepy. This doesn’t take long after a day at work, especially as my alarm is always set for 05:45am.

When I feel sleepy, I head to bed if I am chilled on the sofa or if I am already in bed I turn off Netflix and snuggled down.  I am lucky as I received a Lumie Alarm Clock for my birthday last year and I set this for the sunset mode and flick through social media or possibly watch YouTube Videos as the light dims.  It takes half an hour for the light to dim and I am usual almost asleep by the time that this happens.

What are your perfect evenings?

Love, Minnie x


Review of My Week- Monday Motivation

This post was due to go up Sunday (yesterday) evening however, I returned to my flat and had a bad IBS (or whatever it actually is) flare up and I couldn’t do anything all evening and as it already written, I decided that it would go up today.  I hope that it isn’t too boring.

What have I been doing

Work, Work and Work… again, another full week in the office except for a couple of hours off for a hospital checkup. I was meant to get my MRI results on Thursday but this did not go to plan.  So, I took time out of my day to attend the hospital but the person who provides the report on the MRI to the doctor is actually on holiday and this means that it hasn’t been done.  I don’t know who was more shocked, me, the doctor or the receptionist when I had to re-book the appointment.  I am therefore, no further forward in this respect.

I also managed to book some time off for Menorca in October which is really exciting and I am looking forward to getting away for a few days with my family and Mike. We also booked the flights which is good and now I am starting to get excited already!! It is annoying when your partner is a teacher, it means even flights are expensive that week. We were lucky with Mexico as he was doing supply work so could fly during term time but he did potentially lose pay for those 2 weeks.

Weekend Plans 

In Norfolk again (I have no idea what happened to I am not coming back to Norfolk as much in August this may be my plan for September) because I have a hair appointment Saturday morning.  I still come back to Norfolk to get my hair done every 6 weeks because I really like the girl who does it and it is so much cheaper than both Herts and London.

It has also been 4 years since I first started dating Mike so we have decided to go for lunch which will be nice. We were looking at a picnic but the weather in the UK this week has been SO bad.  We opted for Nandos (YUM!) and then went to our favourite branch of Starbucks.  We do love spending time in all coffee shops but this one branch of Starbucks has to be our favourite, the staff are so friendly.


Blog & Products 

I have been using products from my boots haul see post here. I will be doing a full review of the Rimmel Liquick Lipsticks this week  I have been using both colours so far and actually really like both shades.  I am so used to pinky nudes in the past year so the Moca shade takes some getting use to but I do enjoy it when I am brave enough.

I have also been trying to be a bit more personal with my blog. At the beginning, I was very self-conscious about people I know actually starting to read it and laughing at me.  I am still not brave enough to post on my social media platforms but I have posted enough now that if you knew me personally, you could know it is my blog.  The next step is to start using a designated Instagram and Twitter account etc.


I have been eating normally this week and also veggie for most of the week.  I did opt to have meat this weekend as honestly I just really fancied it.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel a dinner date with a friend Monday because my stomach was playing up but that is life for me at the moment.  I havent been that adventurous with food for a while and tent to stick to easy meals because I am so lazy.

Goals for next week

Again, not to spend any unnecessary money…. I was fairly good this week however, I ended up buying more earings so all mine now match, Leggings, a book for Mike, makeup and wash bag in Primark and some essentials in Superdrug.  I have planned a shopping trip with my sister the first Saturday in September and I will try not to spend any unplanned money until then my list for this trip is already growing.  I have not been successful at all with taking my lunches to work with me so this is something which I really must start. My goals are therefore, the same as start week.

What are your weekly goals?

Love, Minnie x


[Review] Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation

You are probably sick of hearing my views on this foundation but following from my first impressions post, I am now sitting down to do a full review on the foundation.  I picked it up in the shade Ivory 115 at my local ASDA supermarket for £7.00.  I am aware that it is often cheaper elsewhere but this was easiest for me at the time.

What it claims:

Smooth and perfect the look of your complexion with Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation, a refining liquid foundation with natural, matt finish.

Ideal for normal to oily skin types, the makeup is infused with micro-powders to help control shine and blur pores; it glides effortlessly across skin, blending seamlessly to visibly minimise the appearance of pores and imperfections. Expect a more even toned, flawless complexion.

Since my first impressions I have started using an invisible setting powder by Collection and it actually has improved the foundation so much.  Although, I still find it very runny and can crease around the eyes, the powder does help set it in place throughout the day. The powder also helps provide that ‘flawless finish.’  I was actually shocked at how good my skin looked after one day of applying both.

The foundation does blend well and leave a more even flawless complexion generally, however, you do need a good setting powder to actually achieve this.  I tried this product when my skin wasn’t at its best and it does minimise the appearance of pores and imperfections.  It lasts all day without having to touch up at all however, you do need to build it up for a more fuller coverage.

I have continued to use this product since the end of my review week and my skin has improved in that time so I am finding the foundation better each day. I have also been applying with only a buffing brush and I have decided that this is the best method for me.  My skin is more normal than oily so I cannot comment on how it works on oily skin.


  • It is very affordable
  • Accessible as can be bought in the drugstore and online etc.
  • It blends very well
  • Good range of shades to choose from
  • Leaves a flawless finish when used with a setting powder
  • Can be built up for fuller coverage
  • Perfect for work as it is natural finish
  • Clear packaging so you can see when running low


  • Can crease around the eyes
  • It is a very runny foundation
  • Must be used with a good setting powder
  • Needs to be built up for fuller coverage


Overall, I have started wearing this foundation for work and I do like it.   It gives enough coverage with a natural and flawless finish.  It has not reacted with my sensitive skin nor has it caused any breakouts.  The best thing about this foundation is the price, it is so affordable especially for the quality. I will be re-purchasing.

Love, Minnie x


Piercings – what I have, what I use to have & what I want.

You may have seen in my Weekly Review that I got my rook pierced at the weekend, which I was super nervous for but so pleased I got it done.  It inspired me to do a mid-week post about all my piercings!  I love piercings and have done since I got my first set done at aged 4!

I am also planning to do a specific post about my rook piercing experience while it is still fresh in my mind.


Current Piercings 

Lobes x2 

I had my first set of lobes done when I was aged 4 and the second at aged 7!   I admit that I do not wear earings enough in these holes and I am making an effort at the moment to increase the wear time. This has also given me the perfect excuse to buy some new studs. I found when I was at school, I did a lot of sport so I had to take these out and never got around to putting them back in, luckily, I had them done when I was so young they’ve not healed up.

Belly Button 

I had this done when I was about 13/14 and I begged my mum for ages and when she first said yes, I actually chickened out in the tattoo place.  We had to wait ages and this just made my nerves worse.  When I did get it done, I did not feel any pain at all.  Now I am getting older I feel as if I never change the bar and never actually have the piercing on show.  If my stomach didn’t look so alien without it (to me that is as I am so used to it now) I would remove it.  I think when I eventually have kids it will be removed as soon as I know I am pregnant and not put back in.


This was a bit of an impulse piercing and it hurt a lot less than I expected, although I have a feeling that they numbed it. I was about 17 at the time and it felt like everyone was getting this done. I still love this one, it is very fiddly to change though.

Forward helix

I had this one about four years ago and I have only just had to take it out and put it back in, I was so scared that it would heal up but luckily it didn’t and it was super easy to change.  I am looking forward to changing this to a rose gold earing to match the rest of my current ones. This didn’t actually hurt when it was being done but I did have a sharp headache for a few hours later that day.  It healed amazingly well and I am very happy with it.


My new baby!  I very nearly got the middle cartilage done instead of this but I am so glad I got it done as I had been looking at them for a while.  The actual piercing was much less painful than I was expecting and so far the healing process has been ok.  I heard that it does take up to a year to heal properly so I will keep you updated.  I have already purchased a rose gold bar to replace this one with even though I may have to wait a while before I can do this.

Retired Piercings 


My 15-year-old self is to blame for this one.  I was still at school when I had this pierced and I loved it for so long but when it came to start thinking about my legal career I decided that I needed to appear more professional on open days and interviews so I took it out.  I am so glad that I did, it may be personal preference but I feel that they are very chavvy when I see them now. It also did some damage to my gums which I don’t think can be reversed.  I feel that I should have researched this more.


I had been desperate for this for ages and was so impatient, I actually had it done with a gun!! This has been the most painful piercing I’ve had and took the longest to heal.  I have retired this after taking it out for my MRI, so a good 10 years after having it done because when it was out I noticed how bumpy the cartilage was.  The healing process took so long for this and I would often wake up in the night with a swollen ear months and years after the piercing.  It is so easy to catch too, especially when my ears are kind big.  I do not miss having this one in at all.

Third lobes

I had my third lobe set done when I was 16/17 and again, I still did a lot of sport so they healed over pretty quickly when I forgot to put the earings back in.  I do not miss these now at all.

What I want next 

Middle Cartilage 

I almost had this done instead of my rook and then the girl suggested that I had both but I was not prepared for that!  Anyway, I have seen many pictures online of this piercing and it looks so good! I do have ears that stick out a bit so I am worried about the attention that this may draw to them or it doesn’t look as nice as the pictures but I may consider this again when my rook has healed.  I will get this done with a needle not a gun and hopefully not have the same issue I had with my helix.

What piercings do you have?

Love, Minnie x

P.S. I am aware that my earings don’t currently match, I have ordered some that do…

Boots & Asos Haul – August 2017

It was pay-day last week so I decided to treat myself to both stuff from ASOS & Boots. I spent way too much on clothes last month I have decided that I will buy no more clothes and limit my unnecessary spending this month.


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I saw this on Soph Does Nails and it looked incredible so I rushed to buy the Moca shade, her skin tone is completely different to mine so I have no idea whether this will suit me but I will probably do a review in due course.  It was buy one get one half price in Boots when I ordered so I managed to get a second one for half the price and I picked up the shade Pink Bliss, which seems to be more of my usual lipstick shade.  These are £5.99 per lipstick when the deal is not on.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have only ever heard good things about this concealer so when I was ordering from Boots I decided to pick it up.  I picked it up in the shade fair shade 1.  I hope that this is not too fair for my skin, if so, then I am sure it will be fine in the winter months.  This was £4.19 and I have high hopes for it.


Collection Primed & Ready Powdered by Witch Invisible Setting Powder

You may remember from my Maybelline foundation first impressions post that I wanted to try a setting powder with the foundation that I was trying out, so this invisible one jumped out at me when I was browsing the Boots website and it found its way into my basket.  The powder was £3.99 which is part of the reason it jumped out at me and it claims to tackle blemishes. I am looking forward to giving it ago before a right my full review on the foundation.


Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF30

This is my favourite SPF and I wear it every day. My current one, which I first bought for Mexico is now running low so I decided that I needed a backup for when it does actually run out.  I also need to check whether they do sell these in the winter months otherwise I will be placing another order and very sharp-ish.  It is £6.00 at Boots and I think possible cheaper at Superdrug with their deals however, I was ordering for Boots so just paying a little more seemed reasonable.




I love ASOS at the minute and have placed a few orders in the last few weeks so this haul isn’t exactly big. I love the fact that you can put in your height and weight for certain products and it tells you the best size to purchase.  I have not had any trouble with this so far, which is great because I hate returning stuff.

A selection of earings

I had to take my piercings all out for the MRI, which was a pain but it also reflected that I don’t actually wear earings in my lobes enough. I wear them at Christmas time and when I think that the holes are actually closing up but it made me decide that I want to start wearing them more.  I decided to order some from ASOS as I was ordering anyway and I can’t wait to actually put these in. The set of 8 studs was £8.00 where as the heart set £5.00 and the star stud which I am hoping will look good in my forward helix was £6.00.


Barbie Pajamas

I actually wanted the other set of Barbie Pajamas that ASOS sell for the holiday to Mexico back in May.  They have long trousers so I decided that they would stop the bug bites however, I never got around to ordering.  I noticed that they now sell short PJ’s too and they looked so good so I had to order.  These were £22.00 so slightly more than what I would normally spend on Primark but these will probably be the only short Pj’s that I buy for a while. I also hope that they last longer than the Primark ones I usually purchase.  I bought these in an XS (UK size 4-6) and as you can see these are true to size and not too tight for PJ’s.  (Sorry for the bad photo, it’s the only kind of full size mirror I have in the flat.)



Love, Minnie x