[Review] Superdrug Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo

I am a big fan of dry shampoo generally.  I try to wash my hair every other night but sometimes it does need a little refresh in between or I leave it and extra night and then it needs a bigger refresh.  I have not settled on any one dry shampoo which I absolutely love so I am forever trying different ones.  I picked the Superdrug Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo  when I was buying something else and it costs £3.39 for a 300ml can. It smells delicious – really so good that I have compliments on the smell but as for refreshing my hair, it doesn’t seem to do anything.  I have tried doing before going to bed and again in the morning but by the time I get to work my hair looks like it hasnt been washed for a week. I am always very unimpressed!    I am going to continue to use the product up but then I will definitely be purchasing a different one to try.  

Do you have any recommendations?

What it claims? 

“Superdrug Dry Shampoo helps to refresh dull and lifeless hair between washes with no water required.

This quick and easy to use product leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling fresh, with a delicate coconut fragrance.”


  • It smells so good
  • It is very affordable
  • Readily available in Superdrug


  • It doesn’t refresh my hair
  • It is only limited edition – may be a good thing as I won’t be able to repurchase
  • Leaves my hair feeling dirty after use
  • Not handbag friendly

Love, Minnie xoxo 


OOTD – Casual Father’s Day Weekend

This weekend I went back to see my family in Norfolk for Father’s Day. I haven’t actually been back for a couple of months but was looking forward to seeing everyone.  This year we decided to stay in for Father’s Day and have a home cooked roast… which I cannot moan about (although it is not always great for my IBS!).

I opted for a very casual look for dinner and wore my favourite black skinny jeans. These are the best jeans I have ever tried, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen. The best bit is that they are from Primark and only cost £8.00!!  I accidentally bought 28 inch leg ones the last time I went, which is why they are cropped.  I love them this length but may pick up a slightly longer leg too next time! I can justify buying two pairs when they are so cheap! They are so comfy and flattering.

Last year I did a massive ASOS Haul (not unusual) and literally bought everything that was in my saved items.  This top was one of them, it is actually by Boohoo and is a very casual white tee with the slogan J’Adore in red lettering.  It took me a while to wear it but I have since paired it with jeans of different styles, skirts, shorts and leggings.  It is very versatile and goes with everything. It is only £10.00 and as a UK size 6 I purchased it in small but it is very long.

I am normally in Vans or Converse but as it was a special occasion,  I decided to throw on some heels.  I purchased these from Dorothy Perkins last year before going to Mexico.  I wanted to take heels with me but didn’t want anything too high and they needed to be comfortable due to the heat.  I underestimated the size of the resort in Mexico and didn’t wear these but I have worn them for whole days since and they are the most comfortable shoes I have.  I believe they cost about £20.00-£25.00 and look good with everything.

What is your favourite casual outfit?


Love, Minnie xoxo 



What I overcame to become a Solicitor

I still have to pinch myself when I realise I am a Solicitor and I have been for over a year now. I was never the most academic at school and I was written off by most teachers while I was at primary school.  My mind didn’t really work as it should and although I could always read above my age group, I found writing and times tables so difficult.  My parents were always very supportive and I had personal tutors in the evening to help with school work so I didn’t fall behind and though I hated it at the time, it really did help.

Towards the end of primary school my parents enrolled me in the DORE programme which at the time I absolutely hated. I had to go every 6 weeks for different assessments to check progress and every day I had to do different exercises.  I did this programme for 20 months and I progressed so much.  My school work improved as did my dance ability and hand eye coordination.  I honestly do not believe I would have had the ability to pass my driving test if it wasn’t for this programme.  Unfortunately, not many people believed in its success and it closed down.

The only thing which the DORE programme did not help with was my motivation to succeed.  I had no interest in school work at all during secondary school and then I actually ended up missing a year due to illness and depression. My doctors were amazing and actually pushed me without medication to return to school.  I sat my GCSE’s and although I didn’t do great and actually walked out of one of them, I passed them all and did better than some people who hadn’t missed any school.

This was my turning point, I left the school I was at and decided to do A Levels at a local vocational college.  My predicted grades were EEE and no one had much hope for University.  I was so motivated at this point that my AS January grades were coming back with A’s and B’s and I even achieved full marks in several exams.  During this period, I managed to re-take some of my GCSE’s to improve the grades and applied to University. Despite wanting to be a midwife and attending interviews for the same, I actually realised that it was law I was passionate about studying, albeit I had no intention to become a Lawyer.  I could thank my A Level Law tutor every day for what she taught me during the two years and for the fact that she never gave up on me.

I didn’t tell anyone about my dyslexia during my A Levels and it stayed this way through University.  I did not let it hold me back and although it is still with me, I have found methods of coping.

Moving away from home at 18 was scary but University was the best experience of my life. I was so lucky that I made friends with whom we could push and encourage each other as necessary.   I was so motivated during my time as a Undergratudate and I often achieved the top mark in the class for a piece of coursework or for a whole module.  My second year grades were all first class marks and I was so pleased with myself. I knew I just had to carry on for a year and I would get a first class degree.

Unfortunately, my third year was no how I planned it to be.  My uncle who had been battling a brain tumor for 18 months sadly passed away. I had to take time off to attend the funeral and this was hard.  Three weeks after the funeral my dad was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, I didn’t tell anyone except close friends.  Luckily at my University you have three weeks off for Easter,  I managed to complete my dissertation and all outstanding coursework in the first week in readiness for my dads pending surgery.  The surgery was a big 10 hour operation and there was so much risk involved that we did were unsure whether he would survive but he did!  He was intensive care for about a week afterwards.  It was during this week, I had to go back to University to sit my final exams.  This was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done and I am surprised I managed it.  It was only after the final exam that I told a tutor about my dad. It was also the day we were told that the operation had been successful and he didn’t need any more treatment.  I am so proud of my dad, he goes through so much every day but he is so grateful to be alive.

I then graduated with first class honours which I didn’t think would be possible, graduated Law School one mark away from a distinction (which wasn’t bad considering I had such an active social life during the exam period) and moved to London. I had several jobs which although I didn’t like taught me so much about London life and being a solicitor before, eventually obtaining my Training Contract and qualifying.

I wish I could tell my 14-year-old self to work harder but in reality I would just tell her that it doesn’t really matter what you do at school, everything works out the way it is supposed to. I believe that more than ever at this stage in my life….

Love, Minnie x 


Review Of My Week

I am not usually one for posting at the weekend, purely because I have not been organised enough.  I really loved posting last weekend and therefore, I have decided to see if a weekly round up of my week is manageable and interesting.  I am not sure if any of you really care about my week but it will give me something to look back on.  As I posted my yearly goals this week,  I thought that I would start setting myself some weekly goals to keep on track.

What have I been doing?

I have had a full week at work this week, no out of office appointments or random days off.  It has given me a chance to catch up on stuff at work as it has been so busy and I have had a few days off recently for different reasons.

Mike has also been away this week,  well Friday to Wednesday, he has been on a ‘lads holiday’.  He first went to Estonia and then Latvia and I picked him up on Wednesday night from Stansted Airport.   I may see if he is up for doing a post about his travels, no promises though as he may not be up for that.  His flight was actually delayed Wednesday night so I was extremely sleepy Thursday,  I have learnt that I do not cope well on little sleep.

I have also been looking at flights to Menorca in October.  My parents are actually away for half-term week and have a big villa booked which can also accommodate Mike & I. This means that we have been looking into flights for a while but we have decided that this is definitely what we want to do.  Hopefully, we will get something booked soon and it is another holiday to look forward to.  It also fills the long gap since we returned from Mexico until we go to Berlin at Christmas time.

Weekend plans

This weekend I am in Norfolk.  My parents are still away and my sister is home alone so I am visiting her and my in-laws. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend without being a recluse like last weekend.  I went to my parents Friday evening and had Macdonalds with Mike & my sister.

Mike & I woke up early Saturday and I got my rook pierced (EEKK!) I really wanted it done and my middle helix but I had worked myself up about the rook and almost talked myself out of it but I am so glad I decided just to go for it (instead of the middle helix).  It didn’t hurt and only stung slightly afterwards.  It doesn’t even hurt the day after but I can’t sleep on it.  She said it takes 6 weeks to heal enough to change the bar and I am already looking forward to that.

We then had a coffee and went to his brothers for a family lunch at a local pub.  It was very nice and they keep farm animals outside too.  On the way home, we all stopped for a drink at another farm shop/restaurant/ bar which was lovely.

The rest of the weekend was for relaxing, visiting my grandma and catching up on jobs that needed doing.


New Products I have been trying

You will already be aware that I have been trying the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and you can check out my first impressions here.  I enjoyed this post as it was a week thing where I actually did update my views on the products daily.  I will be doing a full review on this foundation in due course.

I have also been trying the Clinique Chubby Highlighter this week, it is a cream highlighter and I will be doing a full review once I have used it more.  I am not sure it is the best highlighter with the Maybelline foundation and as I have committed to the foundation every day for a week, I don’t think my first impression is accurate yet.

It has been pay day this week so I have also placed a order with ASOS, Boots and Amazon so I will show you exactly what I bought shortly.


Since my stomach is now returning to normal since my MRI, I have been eating normally and following a veggie diet.  I seem to follow a veggie diet during the week and then eat meat occasionally at weekends.   I did not eat meat last week (at all!) but as my stomach has been recovering, I cannot tell whether this is having any effect on my stomach issues as of yet.  I also get my MRI results next week and if they are all clear then I think my IBS medication may change again as it is not under control at the moment, but I will update you after my appointment with the consultant.

It has been a few days of junk food since Mike came back, we had Chinese takeaway on Thursday evening and Macdonald’s Friday.

Goals for next week

Not to spend any money (other than what I have already planned & any unplanned emergencies) and to start making my lunches for work again.  I have got into the habit of just buying my lunches from Waitrose, which is expensive and not great for my body.  I really need some ideas before I start the week…. maybe my weekly food shop will inspire me or I will head to Google.

Keeping with the same theme, I used to budget my weekly expenditure and I want to start doing that again so I can hopefully really save some money before the end of the year.  It is so hard when you live alone, have rent and bills to pay monthly just to save enough towards a deposit for a house.