[Review] Bondi Sands Self tanning Foam

Happy Friday! I am so glad it is the weekend as this week has dragged on far too long for my liking.

This year I have re-discovered my love for self tanning.  I use to tan at University and looked a lovely shade of orange most of the time. However, I am now older, wiser and tanning has improved.  Last year I went away in May so was nicely tanned for the summer months. This year started with me becoming a home owner and now saving for a new kitchen…  I wasn’t so lucky:  hello adult life. 

I researched lots of different tans and decided that Bondi Sands looked like my best bet. It is readily available in Boots and Superdrug, it is not the cheapest but not too expensive.  I was also drawn to the fact that they have two shades, both of which I have tried: light/medium and dark. I watched so many YouTube videos before deciding on the foam which seemed easier than any other method.  I use a St. Topez mitt and find this good and washes well. I am sure any mitt would be just as good.  I always make sure that I exfoliate before tanning and that my legs are shaved.  I normally tan after the shower and leave it on for a good 5/6 hours.  I sometimes feel that I get a bit itchy if I leave it overnight,  but I have sensative skin.  I always wear old clothes too as the tan can go everywhere!

I went through a period of tanning every week, however, with the hot weather we have had recently was that our summer? my flat gets too hot to faff about with tan so I have stopped being so religious with it.  I live alone so unless I can rope someone into helping, I tan alone and use the Bondi Sands back tanner to do my back, although this isn’t ideal – I know my back is patchy!

What it claims: 

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam glides effortlessly over your skin and dries in seconds to a natural, flawless tan. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for soft, smooth, healthy looking skin. Bondi Sands is Australia’s favourite tan.

Made in Australia, bondi sands’ salon quality formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe, to moisturise and rejuvenate your skin so your tan lasts longer and your skin feels softer. The premium coconut scented formula dries quickly, lasts longer and looks effortlessly natural.


  • It is easy to find in the shops and can be ordered online
  • Both shades of colour are natural looking – no more looking orange!
  • Relatively cheap at £14.99 per bottle 
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be washed off after an hour or can leave up to six for a deeper tan
  • Can re-apply after an hour and blends well when washed off
  • Smells good – coconut!
  • Colour lasts just under a week – although I do sometimes top up with a gradual tanner mid week



  • Not the cheapest tan available
  • Does dry quickly so need to rub in as soon as it is on
  • It goes patchy as fades
  • Starts to smell like biscuit towards the end of the week
  • It can be itchy overnight – I have sensative skin!


What are your top self-tan tips?

Love, Minnie x


Boots & Asos Haul – August 2017

It was pay-day last week so I decided to treat myself to both stuff from ASOS & Boots. I spent way too much on clothes last month I have decided that I will buy no more clothes and limit my unnecessary spending this month.


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I saw this on Soph Does Nails and it looked incredible so I rushed to buy the Moca shade, her skin tone is completely different to mine so I have no idea whether this will suit me but I will probably do a review in due course.  It was buy one get one half price in Boots when I ordered so I managed to get a second one for half the price and I picked up the shade Pink Bliss, which seems to be more of my usual lipstick shade.  These are £5.99 per lipstick when the deal is not on.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have only ever heard good things about this concealer so when I was ordering from Boots I decided to pick it up.  I picked it up in the shade fair shade 1.  I hope that this is not too fair for my skin, if so, then I am sure it will be fine in the winter months.  This was £4.19 and I have high hopes for it.


Collection Primed & Ready Powdered by Witch Invisible Setting Powder

You may remember from my Maybelline foundation first impressions post that I wanted to try a setting powder with the foundation that I was trying out, so this invisible one jumped out at me when I was browsing the Boots website and it found its way into my basket.  The powder was £3.99 which is part of the reason it jumped out at me and it claims to tackle blemishes. I am looking forward to giving it ago before a right my full review on the foundation.


Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF30

This is my favourite SPF and I wear it every day. My current one, which I first bought for Mexico is now running low so I decided that I needed a backup for when it does actually run out.  I also need to check whether they do sell these in the winter months otherwise I will be placing another order and very sharp-ish.  It is £6.00 at Boots and I think possible cheaper at Superdrug with their deals however, I was ordering for Boots so just paying a little more seemed reasonable.




I love ASOS at the minute and have placed a few orders in the last few weeks so this haul isn’t exactly big. I love the fact that you can put in your height and weight for certain products and it tells you the best size to purchase.  I have not had any trouble with this so far, which is great because I hate returning stuff.

A selection of earings

I had to take my piercings all out for the MRI, which was a pain but it also reflected that I don’t actually wear earings in my lobes enough. I wear them at Christmas time and when I think that the holes are actually closing up but it made me decide that I want to start wearing them more.  I decided to order some from ASOS as I was ordering anyway and I can’t wait to actually put these in. The set of 8 studs was £8.00 where as the heart set £5.00 and the star stud which I am hoping will look good in my forward helix was £6.00.


Barbie Pajamas

I actually wanted the other set of Barbie Pajamas that ASOS sell for the holiday to Mexico back in May.  They have long trousers so I decided that they would stop the bug bites however, I never got around to ordering.  I noticed that they now sell short PJ’s too and they looked so good so I had to order.  These were £22.00 so slightly more than what I would normally spend on Primark but these will probably be the only short Pj’s that I buy for a while. I also hope that they last longer than the Primark ones I usually purchase.  I bought these in an XS (UK size 4-6) and as you can see these are true to size and not too tight for PJ’s.  (Sorry for the bad photo, it’s the only kind of full size mirror I have in the flat.)



Love, Minnie x

My Essie Collection – 2017



It is Friday again! I can’t actually believe how quick the weeks are going.  

I grew up with a Mum and Sister who encouraged me to paint my nails every week. I occasionally slip up and leave my nails bare but a couple of years ago I discovered Essie in Boots and it has become my firm favourite for nail polish.  I can’t remember a time that I looked for another brand.

Although I have stopped buying them weekly, my collection currently stands at sixteen so I thought I would share with you my favourites.

Cocktail Bling

  • perfect for winter 

This was the first one I bought and I have since repurchased within a Christmas set in the January Sales. It is such a lovely grey -ish colour and works particularly well when you start to put the berry colours of Autumn away and head into the cold crisp mornings. I love Summer but there is something special about the time of year when you can wear oversized thick jumpers and just curl up on the sofa.  You’ll often find me in December/January with a warm coffee and Cocktail Bling on my nails.  The formula of this polish is great, I only need one coat and it slides on the nails.  I am currently using up my Nails Inc stock for the base and top coat and all in all it lasts around a week. .


Fifth Avenue

  • perfect for spring 

I know it is technically almost officially Summer here in the UK however, this is my current favourite and I think it works so well for the Spring and early Summer.  It is bright without being overbearing and just adds that pop of colour.  I can’t believe that I wasn’t even going to purchase this shade.  I normally spend a week looking at a nail polish before I decide whether to purchase it.  I don’t like not getting use out of them and with Essie at £7.99 per bottle, they are not cheap.

It was at the beginning of the year and I was wanting a black nail varnish so I settled on Licorice and headed to Boots with my Sister, who was visiting for the weekend.  While at the Essie stand I noticed that they had an offer for buy one get another half price and I jumped with joy before suddenly realising that I didn’t actually have another shade chosen.  Fifth Avenue did immediately jump out at me despite looking at others, I seemed to be drawn to this.  I have worn this on my nails for the last few weeks and I think I will continue to do so for a while.


In Stitches 

  • perfect for work 

This is also a red colour but not as bright as fifth avenue so it is more subtle and perfect for work. Not that I don’t wear Fifth Avenue for work. Sometimes, you do need to have a more professional appearance in my job and therefore, I often opt. for this.  I wasn’t too keen the first time that I wore this, it didn’t seem to go on as well as Cocktail Bling and I just felt a bit deflated. I did however, give it another go and fell in love! It goes on much better now so I have a feeling that it may have just been because it is new.  It also lasts for the best part of a week with minimal chipping.


Not Just a Pretty Face 

  • Perfect for every day 

I did not use to be a fan of nude nail varnish, my nails were always in pretty good condition so if I wanted them to look bare, I would just leave them bare nice and tidy of course.  It wasn’t long after I cut dairy from my diet that my nails became weak and would just flake away after a certain length. I hated having my nails bare for longer than a day but always made sure that I kept them bare for a least a day on the hope that they would get heathy again.  It was during this time that I needed a good nude polish and discovered Not Just a Pretty Face which is so good.  The polish goes on really well and the staying power is amazing.  I haven’t gone for a nude polish in a while and my nails have improved since adding spinach, kale and almond milk to my diet on a daily basis but I am off to the races next week so I think it will be making a re-appearance.


Bahama Mama 

  • perfect for autumn 

I get really excited for Autumn as I can start to get the big jumpers and thick PJ’s out. I have an excuse just to snuggle on the sofa and I adore the plum shades that are suddenly everywhere.  A good plum nail is no exception and this shade is perfect, it is also very similar to Bordeaux which is also in my collection.  I do try to wear it all year around as it matches many of my work dresses but it does work better in the Autumn months.


Candy Mint Apple

  • perfect for summer 

I actually purchased this prior to going to Crete for 2 weeks in Summer 2016.  I had been looking at a summer nail polish for months before eventually buying this.  I only like to take the colour that I am wearing to warm countries to ensure that I only potentially lose/ruin one in the heat.   This seemed perfect, I thought that it wasn’t really appropriate for the office but would look great on the beach.  I put it on a couple of days prior to the holiday as I had a wedding to attend and a family BBQ and I immediately fell in LOVE.   It is such a gorgeous shade and definitely not too bright. It survived the holiday and I have even worn it to work, when it is warmer and I have minimal meetings. 


What are your favourite nail varnishes?

Love, Minnie