Empties #1

Hello and Hello Friday!

I have been trying to keep hold of my empties recently, it is hard living in a small flat with not much space, so it is something I am working on.  I now have a few things – it seems to take me ages to finish anything – so I decided I would ease myself in gently starting an Empties Series.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation

I purchased this when my skin was at its worse. I liked that Charlotte Tilbury have the amazing Magic Cream and expected this to be good for my skin.  Now there was nothing wrong with this and I did use it constantly for a while, in that time my skin didn’t improve but I don’t think it caused any more breakouts.  I found that the coverage was not great so I stopped using it so much and mixed it with other foundations. It did not make my skin look amazing either.  I think this would be good for a holiday where you want a light touch of makeup. It is also expensive for what it is.

Re-purchase: maybe at some point but not right away 

Superdrug Coconut Kiss Dry Shampoo

I did a whole review of this on my blog a few weeks ago.  You will remember that I hated this dry shampoo it is probably the worst one that I have tried. It didn’t get any better and I am thankful that it has now run out. I am on the hunt for a new one this weekend so if you have any recommendations, please let me know?

Re-purchase: No !!! 

Superdrug hot cloth cleanser

This is my love! I love this and also did a review which you can find here! I still love it and had a back up even before I had finished. I can’t imagine using anything else on my skin now and I think I use it even more than I did when I wrote my review.  I have found myself craving this when it has been hot or after a night out.  The only negative I have now discovered is that it is hard to travel with as the cloth is wet after use.

Re-purchase: Yes – already have! 

Miss Babyroll Mascara

I think I reviewed this last year and have been using it on and off since.   I have finally used it up. I still like it and the way it makes my lashes look. It is also affordable and doesn’t cause any issues for my sensitive eyes. I am keen to try out other drug store mascaras so I will not re-purchase this one straight away.

Re-purchase: maybe in the future 

I hope that you all have a nice weekend.

Love, Minnie xoxo 


July Birchbox

Happy Sunday my beauties 

This month’s Birchbox came earlier this month as I didn’t have to make a trip to the sorting office.  I am excited to try this months products although, I did ask for the Mannakadar in the Bronzer shade not the blush one which arrived.  I am hoping that this does suit my skin tone but I will give it a try.

I am also excited to try the Beauty Pro Eye Therapy mask as I love anything with Green Tea. I am still also on the hunt for a good serum and the description of the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum sounds perfect for my blemish prone skin.

BeautyPro EYE THERAPY Under Eye Mask with Collagen and Green Tea extract

A few too many late nights leaving eyes a little tired? This nourishing treatment could be the answer! The hydrogel patch minimises fine lines, puffiness, shadows and dryness while increasing elasticity. Hello pretty peepers!

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum

Yikes – you have a spot, a blemish, a breakout! Don’t panic. Help is at hand in the form of Balance Me’s Congested Skin Serum – a skin saviour that smells so good it feels like a luxury treatment rather than an SOS (and it’s suitable for ALL skin types!). Containing the brand’s bespoke, high grade pure aromatherapy blend of Roman chamomile, anti-bacterial may change, calming lavender and eucalyptus that they’ve expertly suspended in a light, non-greasy petroleum free gel of organic aloe vera and spruce knot, it’s a non-drying, skin fixing must-have. Also great for restoring skin’s natural balance – when you really feel like your skin needs a reboot – this is the serum for that too.

Manna Kadar Paradise Blush

Brighten up pale complexions or add a pop to darker skin with this beautiful blush. The highly pigmented powder glides on smoothly for easy application, and leaves a subtle shimmer for a warm glow.

What’s in it for me..? Shower Scrub

Buff away dry skin with this uplifting shower scrub. Packed full of natural ingredients, walnut shell naturally exfoliates, sweet almond oil rejuvenates the skin, while orange and jasmine flower leave you smelling divine!

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

Add a little glam to every make-up look with these glossy eye sticks. The twist-up pencils are great for a low maintenance smokey eye or an easy wash of colour – and the shimmering shades are perfect for both day and night!


What did you get in your Birchbox this month?


Love, Minnie xoxo 


Birchbox July

[Review] Superdrug De-stressing Mud Mask

Hello lovelies

I was never a fan of these packet type of facemasks until i tried the De-stressing Mud Mask by Superdrug.  It is only £0.99 and I cannot remember the real reason I picked it up in the first place.  I have since re-purchased and always pick up a few of these when I am in Superdrug as they often have offers on.

The idea is that you massage the mask into cleansed dry face using your fingertips, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat face dry.

I often didn’t like this type of mask as they would cause irritation to my sensitive skin. This doesn’t do this.  I leave the mask on for the full 15 mins and it doesn’t cause any problems at all.  It can be hard to remove all of the product with just water without just scrubbing your face, it does leave the skin softer, more refreshed and it is a easy way to have 15 mins to yourself at the end of the working week.

What it claims:

“With a fresh vibrant aroma that relaxes your mind and revitalises your skin.

Infused with avocado oil green tea and aloe vera, this mask will deeply cleanse and purify. And leaves skin feeling totally revived.

For a revived healthy looking complexion.”


  • affordable
  • easy to find in Superdrug
  • leaves face feeling smooth and refreshed
  • does not irritate my skin – which is sensitive
  • doesn’t smell bad


  • hard to remove all of the product with just warm water
  • often have to ‘scrub’ your face so can leave it being sore

What is your favourite face mask?

Love, Minnie xoxo 

[Review] Superdrug Essentials Caffeine Facial Wipes

Happy Friday!

I LOVE green tea so decided to pick these up on a whim when in Superdrug.  I have done a whole post on my skin care routine and you will note that makeup wipes do not enter into it. However, I have tried these out and actually like them.  I expected these to take off my top layer of makeup while leaving waterproof mascara etc. still in place however, these are the best wipes I have tried in actually removing makeup.  I cannot believe the amount of makeup that ends up on the wipe once I am done.  They do have a place in my skin care routine albeit not daily.  So far, I have used them prior to my skincare routine, for a quick wipe when it has been hot and to take off makeup after a night out – I must admit I am not great at skin care after a couple of drinks. 

The packet is also super cute and you get 25 wipes for £1.29 which is about 5p a wipe. They do state that they are limited edition so I am not sure how long they will stay in store but for me I hope they make them permanent.  I actually prefer these to the Garnier Micellar Clensing Wipes which were the last ones I tried and loved.

What they claim: 

“Superdrug Wake Me Up! Caffeine and Green Tea Facial Wipes are specially formulated to gently purify and cleanse away impurities, removing make-up and waterproof mascara. Skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. Dermatologically approved.”



  • Effectively takes off most makeup
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean
  • Smells good
  • Affordable – 5p per wipe
  • Easily to get your hands on – Superdrug
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cute packaging



  • May only be limited edition
  • Face wipes are not great for the skin
  • Doesn’t remove all traces of makeup


What are your favourite face wipes?

Love, Minnie xoxo 


Updated Everday Makeup Routine

Hello loves 

Thursday again already! Can almost smell the weekend now.

I believe that I did every day makeup routine post last summer so I thought I would update you all on what I am currently using – I know some of it is exactly the same! 

I have also reached 100 followers this week so keep an eye out for a giveaway coming up shortly.



The ordinary foundation

This is a new discovery and I have done a whole blog post – which you can find here! I don’t usually wear a power with this as I have fairly dry skin at the moment and it seems to make it looked terrible.  The foundation coverage lasts most of the day but I do re-do my makeup if I am out in the evening.



Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer 

I purchased this when my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ran out suddenly and I couldn’t get to Boots.  It was very much an impulse purchase but I do like it and it is running low already.  I will re-purchase as I feel that I need it in my makeup bag although I do want to try the Revolution one.  This costs £8.99 and claims to be anti-fatigue which I am not sure about but on days where I am having a low makeup day or good skin, I almost use it as a substitute for foundation.





Contour … Highlight and Bronze 

Bleach London Contour – Nuity – bones 2

I have never really been good with contour and I find most things too dark and obvious. However, I purchased this following a recommendation from YouTuber Soph Does Nails. She has never light skin and said that this worked a treat.  I agree… I purchased this along with the Contour Brush from Bleach London and I use it most days, even for work.  I have a few other products that have and I want to try but this is too good to let go off.  It is only £4.50 too from Cult Beauty.


Clinque Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

I actually received this as a free gift with a Clinque order a little while ago, so I do only have the mini version.  I didn’t really know how to use it when I first recieved it but it is becoming my go to highlighter.  It is so easy to apply to the right areas and then I simply use my finger to blend in.  It is a cream formula but it blends well with the powder contour.  When this runs out I will buy the full-sized version which is £20.00.  They also do a contour stick the same as this which I am also keen to try out.


Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder 

I use this every day to warm up my face before I leave the house.  I keep it in my handbag rather than with the rest of my makeup and use it throughout the day if needed.  I have spoken about this before on my blog and I am now hitting pan. It is only £2.99 at boots and really does give a nice sun-kissed glow.  I don’t tan my face so when I have self-tanned, I often need something to help me match in and this works perfectly.  The different shades help it look natural on the skin.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara 

I have spoken about both of these products on here before and I am still loving them.  They are both under £10.00 and I use them daily, well one or the other.  They can be built up and work well for both work and nighttime. I have very sensitive eyes and these both cause no problems.

Clinque High Impact Waterproof Mascara 

Towards the end of last year, I posted on Twitter that I needed a good waterproof mascara for my Grandma’s funeral and this was the suggestion I received.  I wear it every time I know I am going to cry (sad film, funeral etc.) when it is heavily raining or just when I know I will have a long day. It stays put, like it doesn’t move or run at all. It is slightly more expensive at £19.00 but it does last well.


Too Faced – ‘Chocolate Bar’ eye shadow palette

I purchased the small version of this in the January Sales as I am not used to wearing eye-shadow, I decided it would be good to try it out. It smells so good, it always makes me crave chocolate but the colours are also very good for an every day look and can be built up for those after work drinks or date nights when needed. It is a product which I am slowly enjoying using.




Normally, I wear a Mac Nude Lip as an everyday shade.  My current favourite is Velvet Teddy but I will do a separate post on my current Mac Lipstick Collection.

What is your every day makeup routine?

Love, Minnie xoxo



[Review] The Ordinary Foundation

When my skin was at its worse, I splurged on the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and mixed this daily with my loved Clinque Even Better Foundation. They went so great together however, not cheap and as a new home owner with lots of work to do, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative.

That is when I discovered The Ordinary and quickly ordered with a free delivery offer on Cult Beauty.  I ordered the Coverage Foundation at first but I am not sure if the shade wasn’t right for when I am tanned or I just didn’t like the formula, despite the amazing coverage.  I then ordered the Serum Foundation, in one shade darker and actually really loved the way it felt on my skin.  The coverage is definitely medium and covers most of my blemishes.  It is £5.70 for a 30ml bottle which is really good value too.  I have been using this foundation for well over a month and I am converted.

What it claims:  

‘…this lightweight, medium coverage serum is crafted from colour pigments suspended in The Ordinary’s proprietary ‘spreadability system’. This unique formulation allows the pigments to look natural on the skin, stay on for longer and resist collecting within lines. In 21 versatile hues (with clever undertone identifiers) snap up your shade for seamless coverage – not to mention endless beauty brownie points.’


  • It is extremely affordable at £5.70 per bottle
  • It comes in a good range of shades – to suit all skin tones
  • It glides onto the skin really well
  • It has good medium coverage
  • Can be easily found online
  • It even’s skin tones well


  • It doesn’t cover all of my blemishes
  • It doesn’t blend well with a sponge – much better with a brush
  • It is not full coverage


What is your favourite foundation?

Love, Minnie xoxo


[Review] Bondi Sands Self tanning Foam

Happy Friday! I am so glad it is the weekend as this week has dragged on far too long for my liking.

This year I have re-discovered my love for self tanning.  I use to tan at University and looked a lovely shade of orange most of the time. However, I am now older, wiser and tanning has improved.  Last year I went away in May so was nicely tanned for the summer months. This year started with me becoming a home owner and now saving for a new kitchen…  I wasn’t so lucky:  hello adult life. 

I researched lots of different tans and decided that Bondi Sands looked like my best bet. It is readily available in Boots and Superdrug, it is not the cheapest but not too expensive.  I was also drawn to the fact that they have two shades, both of which I have tried: light/medium and dark. I watched so many YouTube videos before deciding on the foam which seemed easier than any other method.  I use a St. Topez mitt and find this good and washes well. I am sure any mitt would be just as good.  I always make sure that I exfoliate before tanning and that my legs are shaved.  I normally tan after the shower and leave it on for a good 5/6 hours.  I sometimes feel that I get a bit itchy if I leave it overnight,  but I have sensative skin.  I always wear old clothes too as the tan can go everywhere!

I went through a period of tanning every week, however, with the hot weather we have had recently was that our summer? my flat gets too hot to faff about with tan so I have stopped being so religious with it.  I live alone so unless I can rope someone into helping, I tan alone and use the Bondi Sands back tanner to do my back, although this isn’t ideal – I know my back is patchy!

What it claims: 

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam glides effortlessly over your skin and dries in seconds to a natural, flawless tan. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for soft, smooth, healthy looking skin. Bondi Sands is Australia’s favourite tan.

Made in Australia, bondi sands’ salon quality formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe, to moisturise and rejuvenate your skin so your tan lasts longer and your skin feels softer. The premium coconut scented formula dries quickly, lasts longer and looks effortlessly natural.


  • It is easy to find in the shops and can be ordered online
  • Both shades of colour are natural looking – no more looking orange!
  • Relatively cheap at £14.99 per bottle 
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be washed off after an hour or can leave up to six for a deeper tan
  • Can re-apply after an hour and blends well when washed off
  • Smells good – coconut!
  • Colour lasts just under a week – although I do sometimes top up with a gradual tanner mid week



  • Not the cheapest tan available
  • Does dry quickly so need to rub in as soon as it is on
  • It goes patchy as fades
  • Starts to smell like biscuit towards the end of the week
  • It can be itchy overnight – I have sensative skin!


What are your top self-tan tips?

Love, Minnie x